About Alastair Watson

Alastair Watson is the Conservative Candidate for the Bristol Mayor in the forthcoming elections. He has a plan for how to make our City prosper and build back better after the Covid-19 pandemic.

After living in Bristol for over 30 years, Alastair understands what it takes to tackle the challenges that residents face and ensure our City remains a leading light in the West of England region.

As a local businessman, Alastair is determined to ensure that businesses, large and small, have the support they need to flourish. Only by backing business will we have a strong local economy. This means better facilities, more investment in our community and jobs. Well paid, secure, and highly skilled jobs. This way, families across our City will have the opportunity to share in its success as we move out of the pandemic.

Alastair has a track record of serving the people of Bristol. As a former Bristol City Councillor and Lord Mayor in 2014/2015, he has a deep understanding of Bristol politics. Thanks to this, he plans to cut the bureaucracy at City Hall that has built up around the current Mayor with little to show for in delivering better services or quality of life for residents.  Alastair openly opposed the Mayor’s shameful waste of over £50M on an Energy Company since its inception. Unlike the current Mayor, he believes that working cooperatively with our Regional Mayor and City Councillors will provide our City with more opportunities to improve our infrastructure, business investment and skills development.

Whilst on the City Council, Alastair focused on children and young people's services. He is passionate about improving the life chances of young people from disadvantage backgrounds to ensure that every child in our City can grow up to fulfill their full potential – whatever it is that they want to do! Every child deserves the chance to achieve their goals and as Mayor, he will do everything he can to make that a reality for them.

Throughout Alastair’s plan for Bristol, protecting the environment will be at the heart of all his work if elected as our Mayor. As a lifelong campaigner for the environment, Alastair will ensure that we tackle the biggest issues facing our City – but in a sustainable way. This means improving our transport links – but focusing on green technologies. Supporting businesses – but incentivising them to be more environmentally friendly. Ensuring clean air for everyone to breathe – but keeping the city centre as the vibrant heart of our City. And building more affordable homes – but doing it in a sustainable way and protecting our green spaces at all costs.

For too long, Labour have taken our City for granted. Bristol deserves better. Only Alastair can deliver the change we need and he is ready for the challenge!